Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flow Diagram and Data Inputs

System Flow Diagram
System flow diagram gives the insight process of the data. Data input is the primary need of/or any system. In CSS, the system requires subjects, instructors, rooms and blocks or section of classes to be feeded. Remember that this system is designed to block/section scheduling and class size has not been patronized in this version yet.
 If all subjects and instructors are inputted, we can now set the instructor of inputted subjects or setting the instructor’s preparation based from their degrees or specialization. Scheduling system gets the packets to schedule in this phase. It is one of the foundations, to build a better timetable output. Also, scheduling dilemmas starts here, since if the user gives the wrong instructor for the subject, it will give a wrong output for sure.
After setting Instructor’s preparation, assigning of instructor for each block will follow. Monitoring of instructor’s load happens in this phase especially to those persons who have designations and overloads, if we have a huge amount of class to schedule. Room preparation is optional, CSS gives random room in each instructor/blocks. For some reason the coder set a form to those persons who wants to have their own room.
            If all required data’s are inputted, we can now make a better class schedule. It is advised that before proceeding to this phase, make sure that all data’s are inputted correctly..

Class Scheduling System

Hi guys... i've created this tool for my school this is my previous thesis and i'm asking some comments to improve this Software. If you find it helpful to you or in your school you can mail me and i'll send a copy of this.

Also, i just tested it by myself so i don't know if how many bugs are still on this program, i think it could be better if you report it ^^.